It revealed the secret of attractive faces in the photo


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British photographers and stylists have listed a few rules that will help to take a picture in the wrong angle. Their advice led to the publication the Daily Mail.

Photographer Gerans doré (Garance Dorе) recommended the turn to the camera his “best” side. According to him, in 2012, scientists at American University Wade-forest proved that in most people the left side of the face is the most attractive.

Group photograph it is best to stay away from the lens, as standing in the foreground the man in the picture will inevitably appear larger than it really is.

Instead of the word cheese (“cheese”) photographers invited to speak thursday (“Thursday”). They explained that during the pronunciation of this word, mouth slightly ajar and face takes a relaxed expression. This technique uses top-model-Emily Ratajkowski.

The most “successful” and a casual smile can be achieved by simulating laughter, and the winning selfie angle — the top view. However, if the photographer is shooting a model at a distance, one of the best options, in contrast, is a bottom view.

It is also necessary to ensure that the person or body placed in the frame as a whole.

Earlier in November, British photographer John Godin, who specializiruetsya the portraits of the celebrities picked the perfect angle for every face shape. For example, the owners of the “square” shape it is recommended to avoid the situation front.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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