In Britain considered Russia more dangerous than ISIS and “al-Qaeda”


Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

Russia poses to the UK more dangerous than the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” and “Islamic state” (both banned in Russia), said the chief of the General staff of the Kingdom General mark Carleton-Smith. His words, reports The Telegraph.

According to him, Moscow has created not only a military threat, but also seeks to erode the influence of the West, developing new combat capabilities in non-traditional areas, such as space and cybertechnology.

“Russia has started systematic attempts to explore and exploit the vulnerability of the West. We cannot take lightly this threat,” — said the General.

Carleton-Smith added that the response to this should be to support NATO’s potential and the unity of the countries — members of the Alliance.

On 23 November, the hacker group Anonymous published documents British think-tank Integrity Initiative, dedicated to combating Russian propaganda and disinformation. As examples of disinformation on the part of Russia in the instructions given the behavior of Russian media after the death of Malaysian “Boeing” over the Donbas, the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the poisoning of the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the British Salisbury, as well as their coverage of the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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