Decided to sell the championship belt for my son the boxer changes his mind



Scottish boxer Ronnie Clark won’t leave with the championship belt for a gift for my son, as the athlete has helped with donations. It is reported by The Sun.

Clark hoped that he would come to the ring on December 15. However, due to injury of opponent the fight was cancelled, and 33-year-old boxer faced financial difficulties. He was put up for sale the IBF championship belt on Ebay. In an interview with the athlete said that he expects to spend the money on Christmas for my family. In particular, buy a gift to his son.

After the story was publicized, the boxer refused to sell the belt. On his page on Facebook, he expressed his gratitude for the words of support. It also became known that the fighter was helped financially by the company MTK and 29-year-old fighter Tommy Coyle.

On account of Clark’s 21 wins, four defeats and two draws in professional Boxing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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