It reveals the range of the missiles, the su-57


Photo: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

The range of weapons class “air-surface” of the Russian fifth generation fighter, the su-57 would allow to destroy the ground targets without entering the zone of antiaircraft defense (air defense) of the enemy, told “the Star” the General Director of Corporation “Tactical missiles” (tactical missiles Corporation) Boris Obnosov.

“The new products range in excess of what we had, twice. Probably, it will not be a mistake, an error,” — said a top Manager.

Obnosov noted that anti-ship and protivolakoznoe weapons class “air-surface” should be “low visibility, to be fail-safe, high precision”. Also, much attention is paid to the range, which “would allow to use it outside the air defense coverage as facility and area”. “Here are the specifications for our main, we tried to bring them to the weapons, which today are already being tested in the framework of the su-57”, — said the head of the tactical missiles Corporation.

In November published a video use su-57 in Syria, tests of a fighter for stealth and simulation of aerial refueling aircraft. In the same month, su-57 with the hull number 55 was criticized in Instagram eight stars marked on the car near the cockpit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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