Packed with needles strawberry came to another country


Photo: Tim Marsden / AP

New Zealand began an investigation into the discovered in a package of strawberry sewing needles. This publication reports The Independent.

The man got full of needles berries in the year of Geraldine on the South island. It is reported that he just discovered a foreign object and was not injured. He told about the unpleasant discovery to the police.

The representative of the Ministry of primary industries of New Zealand said that the Ministry is ready to cooperate with the police, provide any required information and will do anything to reduce the risks for the population.

The incident occurred two weeks after his arrest in neighboring Australia, a suspect in the case of damage to strawberries. Police believe that the first needle into the strawberry began to shove 50-year-old supervisor of the farm for growing the berries May Ut Trinh (My Ut Trinh) revenge colleagues.

The representative of the government of New Zealand noted that while the incident is not connected with the series of past crimes and asked them not to panic: “At this stage we have no reason to think that this is not an isolated incident. However, as a precaution in the supermarket strawberries temporarily removed from the shelves.”

The volume of the strawberry industry in New Zealand are estimated at 35.8 billion new Zealand dollars (1.6 billion rubles). Farmers have warned that the massive destruction of the berries will ruin thousands of people.

Australians from all six States in the country have started to file complaints in sewing needles and pins are sold in stores strawberries from the beginning of September. There were more than 100 such incidents. Several times the customers find the needles in apples, bananas and mangoes. A few days after the arrest May Ut Trinh needle found in the bag.

Due to a series of incidents farmers across Australia have lost millions of profits. Hundreds of tons of strawberries were withdrawn from supermarkets and destroyed.

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