Prostitutes wanted to incite the tax


Photo: Sigit Pamungkas / Reuters

Netizens suggested the authorities to test the sex workers for tax evasion. Reported by the

Activists spread messages in social networks under the hashtag #ThotPatrol and #ThotAudit. Flash mob encourages users to send complaints to the IRS on employees of the sex industry, including the webcam models and pornomodele of Snapchat, which allegedly do not declare their income.

Initially about the problem said the Facebook user David Wu (David Wu), but the appeal of mass spread of American writer Darius Valizade (Daryush Valizadeh), who calls himself a defender of demasculinise. He said that concealment of income from the activities of online models is a criminal offence. In the opinion of men, the IRS could reward users reporting the violation to the authorities.

Message Wu and Valizade has caused much controversy in social networks. Some tried to reassure employees of the sex industry, explaining that under U.S. law they do not need to pay tax if the income does not exceed 20 thousand dollars a year. In addition, the applicants have no actual evidence of their salary.

Other users accused the activists of crude and explicit sexual disorders, so they explained the desire to report tax evasion. The rest considered that Wu and Valizade — ordinary trolls.

Earlier the employees of the sex industry complained that they are not allowed to chat in Tinder. The Dating service of blocks the questionnaires of prostitutes, if they contain information about the nature of their activities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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