The dog was gone and after a year and a half was at the other end of the country


Photo: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

In the United States found the missing one and a half years ago, the dog on the other end of the country. This publication reports The Independent.

Husky Sinatra brown-and-white coloring is missing from the home of the family of Willis (Willis) in the borough of new York Brooklyn in 2016, shortly after the death of his 14-year-old housewife Zion (Zion). She died as a result of the “accident with a gun in the house of her friends.” The girl’s father, Lismor (Lesmore), searched the city in hopes of finding the dog, which reminded him of a lost daughter. After a few months of searching, he gave up.

However, in November of this year in Florida, more than 1.7 thousand kilometers from new York city, Sinatra found 13-year-old rose Weill (Rose Verill). Her parents with the help of a friend of the family of Jeanne Baldi (Baldi Jeanne) could find the owner. Difficulties: chip Sinatra was damaged and instead of the full name of the owner of the veterinarians could make out only “Les Willis”, and his phone number is lacking one character.

Baldi wrote to all the appropriate people on Facebook. Among them was Lesmor Willis. He confirmed that indeed lost a dog. The woman saw this after he talked about the fact that the dog is limping on right hind leg and has shared his photo. “I couldn’t even imagine that dog from Brooklyn! I wrote Lesmore, but did not think that this is going to work when he saw where he lives,” admitted Baldi.

How Sinatra traveled so far and survived, remains unknown.

Baldi has promised to deliver the husky to Willis. He plans to hug him and to buy a favorite treat — a big roasted Turkey leg.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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