The pilot of the plane was asleep at the helm and slept through the landing


Image: FlightAware

The pilot of the Australian airline Vortex Air organizing private tourist flights to Australia, fell asleep at the controls during the flight and flew past the landing site, almost 50 kilometres. Reported by the Daily Mail Australia.

The incident took place on 8 November on Board the aircraft Piper PA-31 Navajo, was carrying out a Charter flight from Devonport to Australia on a nearby king island, but the investigation began only now. The pilot fell asleep at the wheel and 46 kilometers flew past the destination.

According to the system tracking the flight, the aircraft made a safe landing at the airport of king island near the town of Curry. However, the Australian Bureau of transport security called the case a “serious breach” and is now engaged in collecting evidence. The results of the investigation will be known in March 2019.

Earlier in November, a pilot celebrating his last flight, crashed wing in the fire truck after the safe landing, and was caught on video. The incident happened with an Airbus 340-313, arriving at the airport of Buenos Aires from Madrid. The footage shows how on the runway, two fire trucks poured over the liner with water while it is slowly rolling in a circle, and then cuts the left wing in one of the cars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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