The ruble sank against the background of the seizure of the Ukrainian ship


Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko / Kommersant

The Russian currency during trading on Monday, November 26, showed a fall on the background of the incident with the Ukrainian ships, which were detained by Russian border guards in the waters of Crimea. This is evidenced by the auction.

13:44 Moscow time the dollar rose by 0.79 percent and reached 66,718 ruble. At the opening of trading for one dollar gave 66,455 ruble. The Euro by this time increased even more — by 1.03 percent, to 75,82 rubles per unit European currency. At the opening of trading, the Euro was worth 75,413 of the ruble.

The ruble is not even supports the recovery of global oil prices. To 13:50 for a barrel of North sea Brent on the London stock exchange gave 60,02 dollar a day increased by nearly two percent.

Ukrainian military vehicles on Sunday, November 25, entered the waters of Crimea (the Russian status of this region and the waters around it are not recognized by Kiev), where it was intercepted by Russian border guards. On the requirement to stop the Ukrainian seamen, according to the FSB, responded with a threat maneuvers, after which he was captured. Kiev called the decision of the Russian authorities “an act of military aggression,” the Kremlin believes Ukraine’s actions a provocation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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