23-year-old MP described the GULAG “a good thing”


Andrew Prokopto: Vladislav Lonshakov / “Kommersant”

The Deputy Ekaterinburg Gordumy from the Communist party Andrey Pirozhkov said about the advantage of the labour camps of the Soviet Union before the current prison system. His words leads edition of the Village.

“The GULAG is a good thing, actually. In the past people were sent under supervision to work for the good of society — they at least were good. Now prisoners — rapists and murderers — citerat and do nothing else, and we spend maintaining them their money,” he said.

Statement 23-year-old politician was critically met by the Internet users and human rights defenders. After that Pies said in media comments that are not praising the crackdown.

“From the interviews we can conclude that I do not empathize with the innocent convicted and sent to labor camps people. Labor camps in Soviet times — an example of the system that should never be reconstructed neither in Russia nor in any other country. But the concept has a right to exist. I have to take the whole idea of labor camps, but to remove the brutality, lawlessness and the tyranny that existed in Soviet times,” he was quoted TJournal.

In October, Russia Today journalist Samir Khan (Sameera Khan) came under a barrage of criticism after he posted some memes about Stalin’s GULAG on his Twitter page. In particular, she ironically described the “advantages” of stay of prisoners in the camps.

Andrey Pirozhkov was elected a Deputy of the Duma of Yekaterinburg in September.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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