China has gone a famous photographer


Lou Guantato: @Xiaoli11032018

Chinese photographer Lu Guang has gone missing during a visit to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region. This was reported by his wife Xu Xiaoli, reports “Bi-bi-si”.

Xinjiang Li Guang was invited to several events. According to the wife of a photographer, the last time he was out on bond on 3 November. Later she was told that Lu Guang was detained by employees of KGB. This was confirmed by the officials of Zhejiang province, where the photographer came from.

Xu Xiaoli admitted that he did not know why her husband could be detained, and also noted that so far not received any notifications about his arrest. “I have repeatedly called the police in Xinjiang, but they don’t answer,” the woman added.

According to the authorities of China, through the Xinjiang Uygur administrative region, the majority of people who practice Islam have infiltrated the country by radical Islamists from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Measures of the Chinese government aimed at combating terrorism and the control of the Muslim population of the province. More than one million Muslim Uighurs in the region are kept in concentration camps of re-education.

Lu Guang — three times winner of the world competition of photojournalism World Press Photo. Best known for his work on environmental and social issues of China. Photographer living with his family in new York.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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