Cosmetic company awarded the Russian medical discoveries


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In Moscow in the State Museum of fine arts named after A. Pushkin hosted the XII ceremony of the national fellowship L’oreal-UNESCO “For women in science”. About it the correspondent “”.

National scholarships are awarded by a special jury selected ten young scientists-women who devoted themselves to natural Sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, and others) in different countries in order that they can develop a scientific career in the homeland. One of the Russian fellows 2018 — Anastasia Efimenko, an employee of the Institute for regenerative medicine, Medical research and educational center of the Lomonosov Moscow state University — awarded for excellence in the study of tissue regeneration.

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Also scholarships were awarded to Elena Anashkina (Federal research center Institute of applied physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS), Nizhny Novgorod), Tatyana Gerasimova (Institute of organic and physical chemistry named after Arbuzov — OSP FITS KazSC RAS, Kazan), Olga Ivanova (Institute of General and inorganic chemistry named after Kurnakov (IGIC RAS), Moscow), Yulia Yulia Kalugina (Tomsk State University), Natalia Melnikova Natalia (Institute of molecular biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia), Elizaveta Panfilova (Institute of biochemistry and physiology of plants and microorganisms RAS (RAS IBPM), Saratov), Anastasia Penkova (Saint-Petersburg state University), Valeria Rodionova (Baltic Federal University of Kant, Kaliningrad, Russia), Ekaterina Sorrow (Saint-Petersburg national research University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (University ITMO)).

Scholarships to scientists traditionally handed to the General Secretary of L’oreal Russia Georges shishmanov. Also present at the ceremony were a perennial member of the jury of the project “women in science” Professor of the St. Petersburg state University physicist Tatiana Birshtein, a laureate of L’oreal-UNESCO “For women in science” 2007.

Program L’oréal-UNESCO “For women in science” established in 1998 to support women scientists. Bonuses and international and national scholarships to continue scientific career has already received about 3 thousands of researchers from more than 100 countries. In 2017 one of the Russian fellows became a biologist Alena Makarova, head of the group “Specialized DNA polymerase” in the Institute of molecular genetics, awarded for research in the field of the fight against cancer.

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