Disclosed details of sexual exploitation of girls in Britain


Photo: Henry Nicholls / Reuters

A criminal gang of migrants, years of rape of minors in Britain, deliberately looking for girls Sikh. This is stated in the report of the Association for the care and rehabilitation of the Sikhs, reports The Daily Mail.

Reportedly, the perpetrators were mainly immigrants-Pakistanis. They have for decades raped and forced into prostitution of British Sikhs. The report States that the police deliberately ignored allegations, often for reasons of political correctness.

According to the Association, the Pakistanis lured girls expensive cars and clothes, and then “passed them in the use of” other members of his family. Despite the fact that such crimes against white British women became known in 2012, crimes against British Sikhs for many years suppressed.

According to the leaders of the British Sikh community, such incidents started to happen in 1960-ies. “Found evidence that for over 50 years members of criminal gangs, which are mostly Pakistanis, were targeting Sikh girls, — the document says. — Due to the fact that the police did not take any measures, such schemes continue to exist”.

The report mentioned the case of 1980, in which the Sikhs complained of harassment by Muslims. They were also accused of contacting girls Sikh sex slaves. In 2008, presumably Muslim men have created a website where it boasted of seducing girls-Sikhs in the University. In 2013, the case of six men, himself striving to young girls-Sikh in Leicester, came to court.

For the first time that the country wielded by a gang who rape British women and involve them in prostitution, talking openly in 2014. Then human rights activists have published a report which said that for 16 years the Pakistanis have been raped in the town of Rotherham with a population of over 250 thousand people, more than 1.4 thousand girls aged 11 to 15 years. The rapists threatened the girls with violence if they go to the police. Police in turn did not want to seem intolerant or afraid that it will cause racial hatred, and therefore did not give the case publicity or do not accept the statements of victims.

The Sikh nation living in North-West India in Punjab. The contradictions between Sikhs and Muslims worsened in 1947 after the partition of former British India, then the Western part of Punjab went to Pakistan and Eastern India. After bloody clashes, practically all Sikhs moved to India.

Sikh communities exist in many countries, including the UK. It is home to about 400 thousand representatives of the nation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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