From the floating dock “Admiral Kuznetsov” has sold weld


Photo: Maxim Garvin / RIA Novosti

The cause of the accident DD-50 that were used for the repair of aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” one, could be not a problem with the power supply system, and mechanical destruction of the weld on one of the compartments of the floating dock, told “Kommersant” two sources in the shipbuilding industry and senior government staff.

According to specialists, such a defect has led to uneven filling of the dock seawater, resulting in PD-50 has tilted and drowned. “The divers examining the sunken dock, recorded in one of the compartments, filling and outside water, a crack length of several tens of meters. The reasons for its occurrence are not clear: the seam could split up, for example, either due to poor quality of welding, or due to General metal fatigue,” writes the newspaper.

One of the interviewees said that “Admiral Kuznetsov” was in the dock when workers 82-second shipyard began balancing (change in level of immersion) PD-50. At this point, ballast pumps PD-50 began to be pumped into the compartments water, and as soon as the water reached the gap, began the uncontrolled flooding of one of the sides of the dock. “The flow of water was so strong that even the reverse operation to pump water using the same ballast pumps would not give any effect. In the end, the PD-50 gave a roll, and three hours later sank”, — notes the edition.

According to the publication, in early autumn, “Russian river register” conducted a regular inspection of the dock, but the comments to his status is not stated.

In November, first Deputy Minister of energy of Russia Alexei Teksler said that the cause of the accident the PD-50 could not be interruptions in power supply the floating dock from the shore. In October, the representative of the center of ship repair “Zvezdochka” Yevgeny Gladyshev said the reason “an unplanned dip in the water” PD-50 switching actions caused by the power surge in the electric system ashore during the operation, on descent the only Russian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” in the water.

On October 30 the 82nd shipyard in Roslyakovo settlement (Murmansk region), where they repaired the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, sank floating dock PD-50. While on the dock fell two tower cranes, one of which broke the deck of an aircraft carrier, triggering the emergence of a hole size of 4 to 5 meters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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