Have shot a missionary of the savages was the defender


Australian Senator Pauline Jensenphoto: Michael Masters / Getty Images

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson (Pauline Hanson) spoke in defense of the natives living in the forbidden to visit the North sentinel island (India), which killed an American missionary. Reported by the Daily Mail.

“The sentinelese living in the remote island of North sentinel, perhaps the last depoliticise tribe in the world with a unique culture and way of life that should be valued and protected, said Hanson. Even a small migration of the destructive impact on their beautiful and unique culture.”

However, as the newspaper notes, the praise was expressed with irony, considering the fact that the Senator criticized the Australian aborigines.

Earlier in November, the savages one of the most isolated tribes living in the North Sentinelese island (India), shot from the bow of an American tourist who wanted to convert them to Christianity. 26-year-old missionary John Allen Chau (Chau John Allen) was halfway to the island by boat with local fishermen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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