In the Russian kindergartens started to ban costumes foreign characters


Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images

In the Russian kindergartens started to ban dressing up heroes of foreign cartoons on new year’s eve concert. About it “” reported a resident of Moscow Galina (name changed).

According to her, this request came to her in chat from the nurse.

“Dear parents, we would like to see your children in a beautiful children’s carnival costumes, not the costumes are foreign cartoon characters,” wrote an employee of the kindergarten.

She explained to parents that it is unacceptable to dress the child in a ninja Turtle or spider-Man, explaining the requirement of a certain new year’s scenario. Those who disagreed with the decision of the management of the institution, she was advised to dress the child in a “white top and black bottom”. On specifying question, whether on this occasion the official order, the teacher did not answer.

Informed about such a ban said a resident of Magadan. On his page on Facebook she posted a photo ads from kindergarten to parents about the unacceptability of the costumes of the characters of modern foreign cartoons on morning. “The teachers of the kindergarten prepared a script for the matinee, which has the following characters: girls — dolls, boys — characters of national fairy tales and cartoons (Buratino, Pierrot, Cipollino, harlequin, dunno, knights, Musketeers, etc.)” — said the educators.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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