Russian military instructors in the CAR was caught on video


Frame: Al Jazeera English / YouTube

Russian military instructors to train the army of the Central African Republic. Video about it has published the Al Jazeera TV channel on YouTube.

In a report posted on 15 November, shows how they are training the military in Baringo where previously was the residence of the leader of the Central African Republic Jean-Bedel Bokassa. Officials of the Russian instructors on the frame hidden.

The video is also present adviser to the President of the Central African Republic on national security Valery Zakharov. He gives an interview in which denies that these Africans, the Russians are connected with the PMC Wagner. According to him, “this is the usual Russian reservists”.

At the end of October, Russia declared its readiness to send in the CAR for more military trainers. Earlier it was reported that 170 Russian specialists were sent to the country by agreement with the government and with the approval of the UN Security Council.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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