Scuffle in the show prompted the authorities to think about the need of censorship


Frame: Russia 1 / YouTube

The channel “Tsargrad” tracked down four deputies from different factions of the state Duma, which condemned the show of Andrey Malakhov “Russia 1” and advocated the creation of a body “which would not let the dirt in the broadcast media.” One of the MPs, the Chairman of the organizing Committee for the Immortal regiment, United Russia Nikolay Zemtsov sent a letter to the General Director of VGTRK, which owns Rossiya 1, Oleg Dobrodeev.

The reason for the treatment was the episode of “live with Andrey Malakhov”, dedicated to the separation showman Gauguin Solntsev with 63-year-old wife Catherine Tereshkovich, who made plastic surgery. In an address to Dobrodeev, the Deputy noted “the extremely low cultural and educational level” some of the programs on the channel, citing issues with Solntsev.

“At the time I worked in the USSR radio and television, which, despite the excessive influence of ideology, has a very high intellectual, cultural and creative potential. Realizing far paced forward the technology of modern television, the commercialization of production, its comparison on profitability indicators, the high competition among channels for viewers, I can not mention the extremely low cultural and educational level of some TV shows, going to the channels of the media holding VGTRK”, — quotes Zemtsova “Constantinople”.

Among the rebellious esters Malakhov also appeared spravedlivoross Oleg Nilov, Alexander Sherin of the liberal democratic party and the Communist Sergei Gavrilov. Commenting on the program Malakhov, host of “Constantinople” stated that the creation of a body that will filter the TV content will not be censored. “No, censorship is what happens now when a black cannot be called black and white — white, of a scoundrel — a scoundrel, a pervert, a pervert”, he concluded.

The issue about the separation Solntseva and Tereshkovich was released on November 12. Guests of the Studio accused the wife of the showman who had undergone plastic surgery of the inadequacy and madness. The broadcast ended with a massacre: Tereshkovich beat his daughter in the Studio, the girl was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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