The Germans beat the USA in the desire to work with Russia


Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

The Germans are stronger than we are for cooperation with Russia than US citizens. This is stated in a joint study by the American Pew Research center and the German Körber-Stiftung.

According to the survey, in General, the citizens of both countries agree that it should cooperate with major world players like France, UK and China. At the same time, for Russia the Germans are better: for the development of relations are 69 percent versus 58 percent in the United States.

However, residents hold the opposite assessment of relations between Berlin and Washington. So, 70 percent of Americans ranked them for good, while 73 percent of the Germans called them “bad” or “very bad”. In addition, seven out of 10 respondents in the United States advocated the strengthening of cooperation with Germany, in the latter this development supports less than half — 41 percent.

Almost three quarters of respondents (72 percent) believe that Berlin will continue to shape its foreign policy more independent from Washington. As noted by Executive Director for international Affairs, Körber-Stiftung Nora Mueller, “the Germans clearly become more alienated from their most important partner outside of Europe.”

The United States and Germany, in particular, has long been the dispute over Russian gas supplies to Germany. The American side insists that the Berlin thus helps the aggressor country, for which German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly been criticized by U.S. President Donald trump. As an alternative to Russian gas and the project “Northern stream-2” Washington promotes the delivery of their LNG.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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