“The mayor of a healthy person” fired Yakut officials for banquets in a million


Sardana, Accentuate: Instagram

The head of Yakutsk Sardana avksenteva, which the network dubbed “the mayor of a healthy person”, dismissed the chief of the municipal public institution “Administration of Affairs” Maxim Artemyev. He spent more than a million rubles for two banquets for the city administration, reports “Interfax”.

“I already canceled a previously scheduled expensive receptions and banquets. And these two contracts today is also cancelled. Since then, as I headed to the city, I did not give any orders for the conduct of “public festivals” due to the budget,” — wrote in Instagram gradonachalnitsa.

She added that he had instructed the financial-economic bloc to strengthen the control of procurement, to identify and curb unwarranted spending.

Sardana avksenteva got his nickname in connection with the decisions taken by the mayor. In order to save it auctioned all the expensive SUVs of city hall, refused to pay a visit to designer Irina Krutikova at the local festival of fur, made the wipers to return to the streets, and others. Avksent’eva was elected mayor in September.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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