The stranger returned a lost wallet and put money


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In the U.S., the stranger returned the man lost wallet and put $ 40 “for good measure”. About it reports information portal WBRZ-TV.

A resident of South Dakota hunter Samet (Shamatt Hunter) forgot my wallet in the airplane when flew to my sister’s wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. The man is already mentally said goodbye to lost, suddenly received a parcel. It was a wallet with 60 dollars in cash and a check for $ 40 and a small letter.

The stranger wrote that he found the wallet on the plane in the gap between the seat and the wall on the flight from Omaha, Nebraska, to Denver, Colorado. The man found inside $ 60 and decided to add 40 more to please the owner of the purse equal amounts. He signed initials.

Samet contacted the airline and was able to figure out the identity of the stranger to thank him.

In mid-November it was reported about Moscow taxi driver from Kyrgyzstan who waited eight hours passenger at the entrance, to return to her forgotten inside the purse with money, documents and Bank cards. The girl thanked him, paying him five times more than the cost of the trip from the airport. After the story became widespread in the media, one of the taxi aggregators offered the man a free car.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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