The woman has contracted a rare disease from the son in the womb and died half a century later


Photo: Teresa Crawford / AP

A resident of Denmark, died from a rare disease that was passed on to her son during pregnancy, 53 years ago. Reported by the Daily Mail, citing medical journal journal of neuropathology is & Experimental Neurology.

Her husband died of the disease Creutzfeldt — Jakob disease 20 years ago. After the death of the spouse, she passed the DNA for predisposition to disease but it was negative. However, in the 70 years she died of the disease.

Experts at the prion diseases from hospital of the University of Copenhagen suggest that the Danish were infected during pregnancy more than 50 years ago. Her son, who is now 53 years old, the doctors also observe the symptoms of the disease Creutzfeldt — Jakob disease.

He probably inherited the gene that causes the disease from his father, and being in the womb, gave to his mother. Biologists believe that embryonic stem cells that contain toxic proteins prions move through the placenta into the bloodstream and eventually reached the brain.

With the disease of Creutzfeldt — Jakob disease gradually destroys the cerebral cortex and other parts of the brain, the vast majority of cases it leads to death of the patient. According to the National Institute of health, USA, the disease occurs in one person per million.

Disease causing prions — special infectious agents, representing proteins with abnormal structure. They can convert normal PrP to the membrane proteins of their own kind, which leads to damage of tissues of the human body.

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