There were photos of the holes in the FSB seized the Ukrainian boat



“Ukrainian military portal” published in his Twitter account a photo of an armored artillery boats of naval forces of Ukraine “Berdyansk” with the hole in the housing received in the incident in the Kerch Strait on November 25.

“The first image of a small armored artillery boat “Berdyansk”, which was damaged Russian ships,” — stated in the message.

It is also noted that the experts (whose names are not given) confirm that the boat was hit by 30-mm shells from artillery systems AK-630 (designed to destroy air and sea targets) established in the Russian boundary boat “Emerald” (as a complete chronology of events published by the FSB, “Emerald” really fired “Berdyansk” for a defeat, after which the Ukrainian ship went adrift and asked for help — he lifted seven crew members, three of them were injured).

25 Nov border Department of the FSB of Russia detained in the area of the Kerch Strait, three ships of naval forces of Ukraine — boats “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol” and the tug “Yana Kapu”. It was reported that Ukrainian soldiers crossed the Russian border, did not respond to requests to stop and began a dangerous maneuver. Russia has deemed the incident a dangerous provocation. Kiev called the detention of ships an act of war and announced the imposition of martial law in the country.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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