A child rapist has received permission to interview with his son from his victim


Photos: site of Sammy Woodhouse

A UK court has allowed the man convicted of pedophilia, to see his son one of the victims. About it reports The Times.

The gang, led by Archidom Hussein, raped, sold into slavery and beat underage girls between 1987 and 2003. Victims of a gang of pedophiles were more than 50 girls. In 2016, the year he was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

One of the victims of a serial rapist, Sammy Woodhouse became pregnant by him at age 15 and bore him a son, James. Initially it seemed to her that she loves him, and the teenager considered himself “the luckiest girl in Rotherham”, however, the behavior of Hussein’s regime has changed.

“He forced me to drink and take drugs, raped and beaten me, puts a gun to my head and taunted me by having sex with other girls”, had described the abuse of a pedophile victim in an interview with The Mirror. Woodhouse claimed that he wanted to commit suicide, but this step saved her son.

Hussein is not listed in the birth certificate of the child, parental rights it also not. In 2017, according to The Telegraph, the British decided to send their son to boarding school due to the fact that “can’t cope with the complex needs of the difficult child.” According to the law, in this case, local authorities are obliged to contact all who are responsible for the child. That rapist was allowed to see the child, Woodhouse learned from trial and recorded a video message on Twitter.

“They knew he was in jail and is a danger to my son, but they made every effort to include it. I feel anger and fear for his son,” explained the Briton. She urged the court to adopt the amendments to the law guaranteeing the prohibition of rapists to see children conceived through rape or abuse.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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