Drunk pilot fraud pilot and paid the price


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The Ministry of transport of Japan conducted an internal investigation after the 28th of October the second pilot of Japan Airlines was arrested in London for breaking the law. Reported by the Japan Times.

Pilot Kazutoshi Jitsukawa (Katsutoshi Jitsukawa) was arrested by the British police before the flight London-Tokyo for tenfold excess of the permissible limits of blood alcohol established in the UK.

As the newspaper notes, Jitsukawa drank two bottles of wine and almost two liters of beer between the hours of six p.m. to midnight. Then he lied to test for alcohol intoxication, which was conducted by the airline before departure, and for some time was able to get on the plane.

In the incident, the flight was delayed, and aircraft operated by two pilots instead of three.

Thus, in accordance with the laws of Japan, crew members are not permitted to consume alcohol eight hours before starting work, but there is no strict rules on permissible levels of blood alcohol, and the breathalyser is not included in the mandatory inspection.

Informed the second pilot of Japan Airlines was arrested in London for a ten-fold excess of norm of alcohol in blood. 42-year-old airline employee noticed a drunk when he was driving the bus from the terminal in London Heathrow airport on runway.

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