Giant polutoratonny bull escaped death and glorified


Photo: @7NewsCQ

In Australia, a huge ox named Nickers (Knickers, with English — “knickers” or “bloomers”) escaped death at the slaughterhouse. According to BBC News, due to the giant size animal became a local celebrity.

Castrated bull of Holstein-Friesian weighs about 1.4 tons, and its growth up to 194 centimeters. A seven-year, Nickers, who grew up on a farm in Western Australia, is the largest ox in the country.

In October, his owner, farmer Jeff Pearson (Geoff Pearson), tried to sell the animal at auction, but no one bought it: potential buyers are afraid that you will not be able to cope with it.

“He was always different from other oxen, was a bit more of them. We from time to time sent his buddies to the slaughter, but he had not raised a hand. We thought: “Let’s leave him, he brings no harm to anyone”,” he told Pearson. He admitted that he bought an ox when he was a year to help control the herd.

Now, Nickers lives on pasture near lake Preston. The farmer plans to kill him to old age, but complains that because of the sudden fame the press is calling him “every ten minutes, from four in the morning”.

The bull gave out of friendship with the kindred breed, the Brahman. In abbreviated form it was called a Bra (Bra from a “bra”). New bull jokingly nicknamed, Nickers (“panties”), and this nickname clung to it.

The largest of the living oxen, according to the Guinness Book of records, as the Italian animal named will do. His height reaches about 203 cm.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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