Girls learn to recognize wrong people


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Twitter has gained popularity of the flash mob, “he’s not your man”, whose members advise young women to evaluate a partner on several signs to understand that he was the wrong pair.

The participants of the flash mob starting posts with the phrase “Ladies, if he:…” and list a few key traits, which together indicate that it does not suit them. As a rule, begin with the popular “if he doesn’t answer messages”. However, some users joke started to list the qualities which characterize the man, in fact, point to a historical person or even on the subject.

A user with the nickname bitch MTA suggested the following:

Ladies, if he:

— not answering texts
— makes you wait for him forever
— comes only in half an hour
— lives in a half-hour drive
— does not appear at night or on weekends

He’s not your man, he’s a train.

American Elle Rogers (Elle Rogers) believes that you should not mess with the philosopher.

Ladies, if he:

— tutor of Alexander the great
— graduated from the Academy of Plato, but developed a dispute with his theory the theory of forms
— sends only the lecture notes
— finds the first beginning and cause of existence

He’s not your man, he is Aristotle.

A resident of Orlando Kristen Arnett (Kristen Arnett) calls not to confuse “their man” with a pet.

Ladies, if he

— not answering texts
steal your dinner if you leave it on the table
— has a cold nose
— four paws
— wagging tail

This is not your person, it’s a dog, congratulations.

Microblogger came up with dozens of funny tips on how to recognize the “not your man”. Among the options — book (never answers and “emotionally hurts you”), Julia Roberts (“not commented on your photo”) and a soup (“help when sick”, never make comments, “when you prichlenyaet”).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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