Kiev neonationalist decided to erase Russian business smoke bombs


Photo: Valentyn Ogirenko / Reuters

Ukrainian nationalists from party “Svoboda” took a shopping and entertainment center Ocean Plaza in Kiev. This was announced by the administration of the SEC in Facebook account.

“Today, during the campaign in the SEC was captured by jobs administrators information Desk that interfered with normal work”, — stated in the publication.

Around 18:00 local time, the radicals have set fire to smoke grenades inside the building, which had to evacuate visitors. Earlier, the participants of the seizure stated that they do not interfere with the activities of the tenants do not threaten the health and lives of visitors and employees of the SEC.

According to the Agency UNIAN, one of the members of the radical group explained the purpose of the seizure. “We took control of the shopping Mall Ocean Plaza to ensure that he did not bring a penny of profit to the occupier”, he said into the microphone during the rally. The shopping center belongs to the Russian businessmen.

The protests of right-wing forces against the Russian business began on 26 November. On Tuesday, November 27, the protesters vandalized the main entrance and glass walls of the Mall reading “Down with the Moscow business”, “Property of Russia”, “don’t buy at ocean Plaza”.

At Ocean Plaza nationalists attacked earlier. In August it was reported that about a hundred protesters burned fireworks, invited passers-by to refuse purchases of Russian goods, and threw to the entrance of a shopping center and dead pigeons. They also pasted the entrance to the Mall leaflets, and painted the facade that read “Stop Putin!”, “Do not buy Russian”, “glory to the defenders — death to the invaders”. Radicals urged to expel Russian business from Ukraine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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