Named the best country of refuge in the event of a Third world war


Photo: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

Our experts travel International SOS and Control Risks has made a rating of countries where it would be safest to rest in the case of a Third world war. It is reported by the Express.

In the first place was the small country of Liechtenstein. Experts have considered it the most secure because of the large number of police officers on the streets and at relative peace between the countries Austria and Switzerland.

Following said Greenland, which stays out of any conflicts due to its remoteness. The experts also stressed that Greenland can be considered an ideal refuge due to the low level of crime.

Also in the list of the best countries of refuge entered the Luxembourg, where well-developed health and safety. According to experts, the worst crime here — pickpocketing.

In addition, the rating includes Iceland: this country doesn’t have its own army and recorded very low crime rate.

In November, members of the British Association of consumers Which? ranked the most safest countries to travel. Experts analyzed the 20 most popular tourist destinations according to four criteria: the level of crime, health hazards, probability of terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Safest country in all parameters was Iceland.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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