Renoir professionally stolen


Pierre-Auguste Renoir. “Bay, sea, rocks, green”Image: @NachtGeher / Twitter

In Austria, announced in search of three suspects in the theft of the painting by French impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir. It is reported Bloomberg.

Landscape “of the Bay, the sea, the green of the rock” was stolen on November 26 from the premises of the auction house Dorotheum in Vienna. As established with the help of surveillance footage, the man along with two accomplices went to the second floor, where there were exhibited painting, then pulled it out of the frame. It is noted that, “obviously professional” trio split up and left the building in different ways. While the two men was carrying a large shopping bag.

The auction house confirmed the theft. The film was planned to put up for auction on November 28. It was expected that it will be sold at a price from 120 thousand to 160 thousand Euro (135-180 thousand dollars). “Bay, sea, green cliffs” previously sold at Sotheby’s auction in 1996 for $ 538 56.

“It’s terrible that it was stolen, but I don’t think it will be seen by the collectors community,” said art dealer from new York, David Norman. He also noted that many of the smaller works of Renoir cut from larger paintings.

Bloomberg notes that trade in art objects is becoming increasingly lucrative for organized criminal groups. According to Interpol, selling paintings on the black market as profitable as drugs and weapons. In the Agency’s database at the beginning of March, there were 50 thousands of stolen paintings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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