Residents of St. Petersburg are called the worst places in the city


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St. Petersburg is considered the most unfavorable for the life of the municipal district of the Balkans, showed the survey conducted by the portal Domofond. The study materials are at the disposal of edition”.ru”.

In the survey, respondents almost three thousand people were asked to rate on a 10-point scale of statements that characterize the safety, cleanliness, environment, public transportation, quiet, roads and Parking, infrastructure, neighbors, public services and other options in different districts of the city.

Balkan district received a minimum combined rating of 5.6 points and ranked last according to the purity criteria (4.6), the quality of roads and availability of Parking spaces (3.6 points) and cost of living (3.3 points). A little higher in the ranking was the Obukhov district with a rating of 6.2 points, followed by district of the Powder. The bottom ten also got MO No. 54, Fisherman, Shuvalovo-Ozerki, Ivanovo district, Kupchino, ul’yanka and Knyazevo.

Best of life of St. Petersburg was considered Chkalovsky district: he scored 8.1 points. In second place on the leaderboard of the Harbour with eight points, and the third — MO No. 7, stragglers from the previous hundredths of a point. In addition to these, the top 10 included County Foundry, Svetlanov, the Moscow Outpost, the Citizen, Yuntolovo, MO No. 65 and Star.

In General, the respondents rated the quality of life in St. Petersburg at 7.1 points 0.5 points higher than the national average. For the year average rating of city residents fell by 0.4 points, according to the materials Domofond.

Previously published the results of a similar survey of residents of Moscow. They recognized the worst in the capital of the Lublin district, and best — Strogino.

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