Russian officials lied about and changed his mind


Photo: Traffic on onf

Officials in Magadan region handed over to the Ministry of transport of Russia the data about the state of roads in the Kolyma. The Governor of the region Sergey Nosov reported Plenipotentiary representative in the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev, reports Regnum.

According to the head region, in the beginning of the year, regional officials reported in good condition, 70.5 per cent of the roads of Kolyma, but it is not.

“We were also asked to note: the Federal highway “Kolyma” — ground, and about 150 kilometres of this route do not conform to the safety requirements even for dirt roads. Not to mention the fact that our Industrialists ‘problems — a modern transport dirt roads do not hold: it is forbidden to leave”, — he said.

In turn, Trutnev promised to give the order again to check the status of roads in Magadan region.

Earlier in Volsk (Saratov oblast) collapsed section of the road after the erosion of land by sewage due to the fact that there was not sewer pipes. Their construction since 2002 has allocated over one billion rubles. In 2013, work was suspended. In 2016, the contractor was ordered to bury the land because, according to his calculations, the sewage system would be unable to work. Tubes are left next, soon stolen. The head of the district said that “difficult to understand” who is responsible for the accident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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