Star TV show made a fortune by selling private video


Jody Carnallite: @jodiecarnall

Star of British reality show Take Me Out Jody Karnals (Jodie Carnall) told journalists “Bi-bi-si” that sells its Nude photos and video to social networks.

26-year-old woman decided to take this way of earning shortly after her appearance on television in 2016. Then men began to be added to her friends in social networks.

Karnals said he earns about four thousand pounds (340 thousand roubles) per month. She takes from the subscribers a monthly fee from 20 to 200 pounds, and then sends them photos and videos directly from the app Snapchat. To advertise their services star uses other social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“It’s like a proper business. It’s like people who sing and do concerts, or artists that sell their paintings. I just sell the photos and videos,” explained Karnals in conversation with journalists. She added that people are constantly calling her a prostitute, which greatly upsets the star.

Nevertheless the woman says that’s moonlighting as an escort. According to her, men often offer a lot of money for a meeting, but she always refuses.

Previously, the network has offered to SIC the IRS on the webcam models and pornomodele of Snapchat who sell their Nude videos on the Internet. Activists distribute calls under the hashtag #ThotPatrol and #ThotAudit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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