The airport of Omsk will be named in honor of Yegor Letov


Photo: Grigory Sysoev / TASS

The name of the poet and musician Yegor Letov call private airport for small aircraft Popovka. About it reports “Russian newspaper”.

The owner of the airfield Alexander Anisimov said that the name of Egor Letov was not included in the shortlist of the contest “Great names of Russia”, in which major airports in the country are planning to assign the names of famous countrymen.

“We took this decision to support all the residents who voted for outstanding fellow countryman”, — said Anisimov.

He also said that the airfield has been collecting the necessary documents, to obtain permission from the authorities. Under existing rules, the landing site should be named after the nearest village.

It is expected that the airport will be renamed on November 30. There are plans to erect a bas-relief in honor of Letov and to organize a rock festival in memory of the musician.

In Omsk in the framework of the contest “Great names of Russia” Letov candidacy was supported by only six percent of voters. In the final of the competition included the nomination of General Dmitry Karbyshev, Soviet actor Mikhail Ulyanov and aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev.

Twitter users have already come up with slogans for airport-related work of the leader of “Civil defense”. Above the entrance to the airport proposed to place the inscription “Everything goes to ***** [vagina],” and the runway called “Russian field experiments”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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