The condition of the apartment Aspen shocked heirs


Photo: Mikhail Fomichev / TASS

Owned by popular singer Evgeny Osin apartment on the street Demian Poor is in a dilapidated condition. This writes the online edition “” with reference to the neighbors and relatives of the artist.

According to the publication, Aspen sister Alina, the daughter of Agnes and ex-wife Natalia Cheremisina was shocked, entering the apartment after the funeral of the artist. The property is uninhabitable and in need of major repair: in particular, replace the moldy flooring and other interior constituents.

“Pipes, door handles and hinges, Wallpaper are worn so that they require replacement. The apartment needed a complete disinfection and antifungal treatment,” write “”, clarifying that the restoration of the 100-meter apartment, the heirs will need about two million rubles.

Evgeny Osin — Soviet and Russian musician, singer, author of hits “And when on the sea rolling” and “Crying girl in the machine”, also known as one of soloists of group “Bravo”. He died on 17 November 2018 at the age of 54 years. The singer suffered from a serious alcohol addiction, which a few months before the death was treated in a rehabilitation clinic in Thailand.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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