“The perfect couple” from Instagram died from a drug overdose


Photo: @_michelleavila_

A young couple from California, a 23-year-old Michelle Avila (Avila Michelle) and her 20-year-old boyfriend Christian Kent (Kent Christian), died of a drug overdose. Edition Metro notes that the lovers looked like “walking is the perfect pair of orange County”. The happiness they are constantly documented in Instagram.

The bodies of young people found in mother adriana Avila. They were in a child’s bed, Michelle in an embrace. The night before, they attended a party at a friend’s house, but took no active part in the fun. Alcohol Avila and Kent did not drink, saying that they protivogrippoznye take prescription antibiotics.

The young people met a little over a year. They met in a cafe, where Michelle was working. The pair found a common interest, in particular, they were both surfing. The girl’s father was sure that the lovers live “a beautiful life”, according to his confession, he is devastated and blames himself for not being able to recognize that his daughter is taking drugs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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