The ruble has become the most risky currency after seizing Ukrainian ships


Photo: Alexander Koryakov / Kommersant

Ruble for the first time since mid-may has become the most risky currency in the world, pushing the Turkish Lira. Such calculations leads to Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, the risk reversal indicator that determines the probability to earn on the depreciation of the currency, the Turkish Lira has fallen 12 percentage points to 3.8. Indicators of the ruble, meanwhile, was slightly higher.

The Turkish currency was able to strengthen its position after the country’s Central Bank raised its key interest rate to 24 percent, and the United States lifted some sanctions against the country.

The ruble has a negative impact the decline in oil prices. In addition, investors fear the tightening of sanctions against Russia. The risks increased significantly after the incident in the Kerch Strait.

25 November, the Ukrainian Navy ships entered the waters of the Crimea. On the requirement to stop they responded with dangerous maneuvers and were captured by Russian border guards. Three sailors were injured, they received assistance, threats to their life there. Kiev called the decision of the Russian authorities “an act of war” and martial law was imposed, the Kremlin considers Ukraine’s actions a provocation.

The next day, 26 November, trading on Russian assets dramatically lost value and was among the outsiders.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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