“World’s worst” sandwich has caused controversy in the network


Photo: Reddit

A Reddit user under the nickname MiloXF from Australia posted a photo of the unusual sandwich, which was filed by his cousin at a local restaurant. The dish impressed the commentators.

Judging from the picture, the waiter brought only the ingredients for a sandwich instead of a cooked meal. In a cardboard container lay the bread and the other with ham, greens, cheese, tomatoes and even strawberries. In the middle was a small plate with mustard, inside of which lay a whole pickle.

MiloXF wrote that his cousin paid for the unfinished sandwich 17 Australian dollars (820 rubles). This information struck many commentators into a frenzy.

“This is the worst sandwich I have ever seen,” said one of the visitors of Reddit. “If I wanted to make a sandwich myself, I would have stayed home and done it”, — shared his thoughts another.

Some surprised individual ingredients that was served in cardboard containers.

“Who the fuck puts strawberries in a sandwich?” — rhetorically asked the third one.

However, there were also those who dismantled the idea of the sandwich came to mind. Several users pointed that sandwich “looks great”.

Previously, he ridiculed the man who boasted of making the sandwich with ramen noodles. He put noodles on the bread, pre-greased with butter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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