A blind man couldn’t check out the website of Playboy and angry at him


Photo: Henry Romero / Reuters

Blind American Donald Nixon (Donald Nixon) has filed a lawsuit against the editors of the portal Playboy for infringement of the rights of the blind and visually impaired. The incident was reported to the portal TMZ.

Nixon is outraged by the fact that sites of Playboy and Playboyshop not adapted for electronic devices used by visually impaired people. These gadgets help reading. In the lawsuit, the American said that he, the man with the status of a blind person, could not “fully and equally to use or to use the sites, products and services.”

According to Nixon, the publication violates the American with disabilities act, guaranteeing them all the rights of U.S. citizens, including access to information. The man demands that Playboy has made its website accessible to blind and visually impaired. He also plans to sue the publication for some “unspecified damages”.

Edition of the American Playboy would not comment on the situation.

Earlier it became known about plans of the company Playboy Enterprises to abandon the printed version of Playboy magazine. The head of the company Ben Kon announced that it plans to expand the “world of Playboy” and enter into partnership with other thematic projects.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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