A fan attacked the captain of “Spartacus” and explained


Stewards detain Miroslav, Solonovato: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti

The fans of “Spartak” Miroslav Golunov, ran out onto the field during a match of the fifth round of a group stage of League of Europe with the Vienna “rapid” and attacked the captain red-white Denis Glushakova, explained his actions. His words leads to “Sport-Express”.

“I ran for the action against Glushakova. Wanted to tell him: “Glushakov, you don’t belong in “Spartacus”! Get out of here!”” said Golunov.

According to fan, the captain of the Moscow team first struck him. “My right hand hit. Then a couple of the strikes was, I don’t know who else applied. Glushakov struck first, therefore, I do not think it is worth it to stay at Spartak,” said he.

In the second half of the match against Rapid Golunov ran to Glushakov and said something, with the result that there was a fight. Players of “Spartacus” has intervened, and the stewards took the fan off. After the incident, the red-whites conceded two goals and lost to Austrian team with the score 1:2.

Earlier on 29 November, fans of “Phratry” has launched a flash mob against Glushakova. “We are for strong and confident “Spartacus,” we “Spartacus” without Glushakova!” — stated in the message group. Despite the opinion of the fans, head coach red-white Oleg Kononov was appointed the midfielder, captain for the match against Rapid.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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