A pregnant woman sat in jail for openly in a store jar of chips


Photo: Akira Suemori / AP

Irish resident has been in prison two months after he opened the package with Pringles crisps in a Tesco store. About it reports BBC News.

The incident occurred on 27 December 2016. 25-year-old Kathleen McDonagh (McDonagh Kathleen) from cork, according to the prosecution, was forbidden to go to the supermarket because of her behavior. What made the store management to take such measures is unknown.

Then the woman took a jar of chips from the shelf and headed to the self service area. It was noticed by a security guard, approached her and asked to leave the store. She, in turn, in his eyes, he removed the foil from packaging. “I opened it, so you must let me pay for it,” said McDonagh of the guard, according to court records.

Goods worth half the Euro (113 rubles). At the time of the incident the woman was pregnant.

To care for the Irish were 31 cases of violations of the law. The judge ruled that McDonagh guilty to destruction of property, which after her actions were not subject to further sale. As a result, the woman spent two months in prison.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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