An American decided to sue authorities for “meth” candy floss


Photo: Jim Young / Reuters

A resident of the USA has filed a lawsuit against one of the districts of the state of Georgia due to Express test, which mistakenly showed the presence of methamphetamine in her candy floss. About it reports NBC News.

Dasha Fincher of Monroe County intends to sue including her detained the guards and a company Sirchie Acquisition Co. from North Carolina, which manufactures a reagent for the test. In the lawsuit, the woman complains, among other things, unlawful arrest and imprisonment. She pointed out that because of the incident, are unable to attend the birth of grandchildren-twins, and also to be with my daughter whose had a miscarriage.

The incident occurred on the eve of New year in 2016. Police stopped to check the car in which Fincher was riding as a passenger. For the attention of the guards was drawn to the packaging of candy blue cotton candy she was holding. They used the rapid test, which showed the presence in the sweetness of methamphetamine.

As a result, the woman was detained, she was charged with manufacturing the drug and storing it. Because she was unable to pay a Deposit in the amount of $ 1 million, she was sent to prison. There she spent more than three months, until examination in the laboratory did not reveal the error. Charges against women were removed in April 2017.

The American lawyer James Freeman pointed out that the problem is not limited to Monroe County. “These testing kits are sold by the company Sirchie for two dollars across the country. They consider the person to be guilty, until proven otherwise,” said he.

As the channel, even in 2015, the human rights organization “Innocence” argued that the NARK II reagent used in a rapid test very often falsely triggered. So, he took the mixture of herbs for marijuana, motor oil for heroin, candy for meth and menthol candy for cocaine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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