Asian police first went on trial for murder without a trial


Photo: Erik De Castro / Reuters

Philippine police first received prison sentences for the murder of an innocent man, whom they believed to be a drug dealer. This writes The Telegraph.

The court sentenced three guards — Arnela of Oares, Jeremias the Front and Jervin Cruz — terms up to 40 years with no chance of parole. In addition, they are obliged to pay compensation to the family of the victim. The police have the opportunity to appeal the verdict.

“Practice “shoot first, think later” can never be acceptable in a civilized society. Ever the murder was not the task of law enforcement bodies”, — stated in the decree of the court.

17-year-old student cian Lloyd Delos Santos died in the country’s capital Manila in 2017 during a police RAID on the slums of Caloocan. The guards claimed that the young man was a drug dealer and was allegedly shot while resisting arrest.

The decision was welcomed by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, calling it a “triumph of justice”. “As we have always stressed, the implementation of government anti-drug campaign based on accountability. Therefore, we did not tolerate and will not tolerate unjustified violence, cruelty or murder by the police,” — said the representative of the head of state.

According to The Telegraph, it is believed that statements Duterte, repeatedly threatened to kill all suspects in the drug trade, prompted a number of police officers to act tough and not be afraid of punishment.

In September Duterte admitted extrajudicial killings during the war on drugs. According to official data of the government of the Republic, two years of counter-narcotics were killed, almost 4.5 thousand people, mainly small-time drug dealers and drug addicts. According to the International criminal court killed at least eight thousand. Some human rights groups claim that their number reaches 12 thousand.

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