Found a sly way to get discounts at airports


Photo: Adnan Abidi / Reuters

The lady Reddit shared a secret way to get a discount at the airport, imitating the appearance of the crew.

A passenger wearing a black jacket brand Pinup Girl Clothing, tied on a neck a red scarf, and suddenly received a discount at the restaurant of the airport. According to the passenger, her outfit resembled the appearance of the flight attendants.

“Before the flight to San Francisco, I decided to have Breakfast at the airport. A little later I noticed on the check that I made the offer of employee — shared it on Reddit. — When I did a check in my pocket, I found receipts from other airports and, with the exception of one, they were off employee. However, a flight attendant, I don’t work here”.

Other netizens have also confirmed that the blazers they took over the employees of the airport and provided a discount.

Earlier in November, the flight attendants told about the subtle methods resorted to passengers economy class in an attempt to be in business class. The most common were the following trick: the traveller is the free space in business class and with his head covered with a blanket.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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