In Ukraine called “fake power” of the Russian missile complexes “Ball”


Photo: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti

Russian defense anti-ship complexes “Ball” in the Crimea are “fake power”. With such statement on air of TV channel “Direct” was made by the Deputy commander of 72-th separate mechanized brigade of the armed forces Colonel Alexander Samara.

Commenting on the video with the appearance of the Peninsula missile launchers, the military said that “most likely, this is again another, shall we say, demonstration of Russian Federation fake their power. Moscow is now used to show that there is something there, organize parades… Although in reality they have already shown that, in fact, they can be much less than tell you,” he concluded.

The Ball complex is designed for control of territorial waters and torrential zones, protection of naval bases and infrastructure of the coast and coastal protection for airborne hazardous areas. The complex consists of two self-propelled command post and four launchers, each carrying eight anti-ship missiles KH-35/KH-35U with a range of up to 120/260 kilometers respectively.

November 25 three Ukrainian warships were detained by Russian border guards for violating the state border and refusing to stop. The sailors were forced to use weapons and go for the RAM. According to the FSB, Ukrainian ships entered the territorial waters of Russia, which was established even before the inclusion of Crimea in the country; Kiev believes that the incident occurred in international waters. Ukraine does not recognize the Russian status of the Peninsula and the waters near it accordingly, and also considers illegal the construction by Russia of a bridge across the Kerch Strait including from the point of view of Maritime law.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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