Japanese forced to pay for the slave labor of Koreans


Photo: Maki Shiraki / Reuters

The Supreme court of South Korea ordered the Japanese company Mitsubishi to pay ten Koreans large compensation for the exploitation of their labor during the Japanese occupation of Korea. About it reports The Washington Post.

Separate lawsuits were filed by two groups of victims: five men and five women, who in 1944 were forced to work at an aircraft plant of Mitsubishi in Nagoya Japanese. The court demanded the company to pay men for 80 million won ($71 thousand), and women — from 100 to 150 million won (from 89 to 133 thousand dollars).

According to 87-year-old Yang Geum To, the employees were in critical conditions, they are regularly beaten by the guards. Together with other women, she filed lawsuits against the Japanese firm from 1999 until 2008, has not received a final rejection of the Supreme court of Japan.

A month earlier the Supreme court had ruled on a similar case, demanding the Japanese company to pay 400 million won (350 thousand dollars) four Koreans. Judicial decisions at the moment, expect another 14 such claims, but only in Seoul, there are 299 Japanese companies guilty of “war crimes” against the Korean people.

The Japanese side insists that concluded in 1965, the truce between the two countries deprives the Koreans of the right to such requirements. Then Japan paid Korea reparations in the amount of approximately $ 800 million.

According to Seoul, during the occupation, which lasted from 1910 to 1945, 780 of thousands of Koreans were forced to work. Many of them women, who were forced to work in brothels for Japanese soldiers.

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