Muscovites urged to do good



Residents of Moscow have noticed on the streets billboards with the social advertising, calling to do good deeds. Photos and videos with them appeared in Instagram.

Advertising can be seen on the big screens on the walls of the Central Telegraph on Tverskaya, the Moscow house of books on Novy Arbat street and the shopping center “Well” on Khoroshevskoe highway. During the day on the screens broadcast headpieces with motivational and intriguing phrases. For example, “You don’t need to be a genius to help those who need it” or “You don’t need to write letters to Santa Claus, they become themselves.”

Screenshot: 1/2

All layouts listed, leading to the portal “Volunteer of Russia”.

On the page the photo of the Billboard also posted a boy, who became the face of advertising. He signed: “the Prank was a success! Tomorrow will know more.” Some witnesses thought that the messages have nothing to do with kindness. For example, one user suggested that advertisers undermine the credibility of the favorite fairy-tale hero – Santa Claus and a shopping center placed calls to abandon purchases.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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