Sberbank reported on the rescue of 32 billion rubles


Photo: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

Experts of the savings Bank failed to prevent theft from customer accounts a total of 32 billion rubles. The dubious transaction has locked a system of fraud monitoring, says the report, published on the website of the Bank.

The document stated that most criminals use the weaknesses of ordinary Bank customers, not hacking the security system of a financial institution. Often, victims are helping the scammers to steal your money.

The most common way of cheating was “sameperiod” (up to 86 percent of all crimes). The scammer is, for example, a buyer with free classifieds, and asks the victim’s card details to transfer money.

Bank customers who are less concerned about security can not only give out payment information, but also to convey the criminals to one-time passwords. So the scammers can withdraw large amounts.

Monitoring system that tracks payments and analyzes approximately 150 million transactions per day. Experts in cyber security to advise clients of the banks comply with caution and not to transfer their data to outsiders.

Earlier it was reported that 85 per cent of ATMs are vulnerable to hacking. According to experts, attackers can steal customer data and means for 15 minutes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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