The failure of the messenger led to the mass mailing of messages from deceased friends


Photo: Jaap Arriens / ZumaPress /

Users of Facebook Messenger announced that the service sent them a new notice about the long messages. Some users came the message from a long-deceased friends.

Error in the service users have reported on Twitter. Briton Adam admitted that because of problems in the messenger it’s like he’s reliving the loss of a loved one.

“Thank you, Facebook, for sending me notifications about messages sent more than a year ago. Many of them — since the death of my partner Dean, and now I spent the evening in fear that I was still waiting,” complained Adam.

Comments condoled Adam and call messenger Facebook the worst thing in the life of any person.

User Max Lafave (MaxLaFave) also received messages from people they haven’t spoken in years. “Hackers or ghosts?” — fearfully said he subscribers.

The commentators confirmed that they had faced a similar problem. “I have all the same. This is what happens when a big Corporation is driven by children,” was angry with one of them. “The same thing is happening right now. Annoying as hell,” complained another.

Later in an interview with Mashable, the representatives of Facebook called the accidental error. “This happened because of software updates, the problem is completely solved. We apologize for the misunderstanding,” — said in the social network.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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