The flight attendants were laughing at the girl, the epileptic with a ridiculous name


Photo: Traci Redford

Airline employee Southwest Airlines mocking the name of five girls with epilepsy in the presence of other passengers. Reported by ABC 7.

Mother of five Abusive Redford (Redford Abcde) told me that checking my boarding pass, the employee began to laugh at the unusual girl’s name and whispering with their colleagues. According to her, he even took a picture of the ticket Abusive and uploaded it to scorn.

“I wrote several complaints to the airline, but they still took no peace,” said Redford. As the woman said, she only sent a letter of apology.

Her complaint spread in the network, and Twitter users condemned the woman behind the strange name of his daughter. “The most amazing thing about this story is that her mother surprised,” joked one.

“I think that people need to pass a certain test before having children” — outraged others.

“I feel for this poor girl. She will suffer her entire life because of a stupid decision of her parents. Imagine the chain of thought of her mother, when she chose a name”, — was indignant the third.

In July, a teenager with disabilities Ali was expelled from the plane of Emirates airlines for epilepsy, although the doctors on the flight. The airline said that Ali can not be on Board, despite the fact that he was flying from New Zealand with Emirates, and despite the confirmation of the doctor on the phone that he is allowed to fly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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